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Who is Joyce White?

Sculpting the Heart Reviews Follow Biography I was raised on the Mississippi River and spent much of my time alone. I used the new television Pop's bought for comfort, friendship and learning about the outside world. I worked as a legal typist most of my adult life until my hands refused to work for me. Depression is just not sadness. The constant Stress wears at our muscles until we cannot type, walk or dance. I learned to use my imagination when I want to do the impossible. My inner child waltzes through poetry, runs like the wind, and keeps me sane in a world gone mad. Writing and making art put me in touch with my inner artist who was choking to create a new me, a happy, self-achieving me. I've been slowly and quietly growing and changing into the person I've always wanted to be, a writer, a poet and an authority on surviving depression with Art Therapy. 
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